The ‘alternative’ guide to the NKOTB Cruise 2012

There is nothing I like more than waking up on a miserable Monday morning to the news that the NKOTB annual cruise is going on sale 3 days. Didn’t we just get back…like yesterday or something? My bank account hasn’t recovered from the cruise in 2010 and 2011! In fact, if you were to smell my flip-flops there is still a marked stench of sweaty sand and seaweed. Now, if you are rich, I’m sure being given 3 days to get together the deposit that is going to determine if your summer is full of fun and frivolity on the high seas or the most depressing summer of your god damn life is no problem. However, for most of us 3 days is not enough time to organise our finances. As I sit here and ponder the psychology behind NK Managements consistently bizarre decisions when it comes to announcing events, I find myself at a loss. Surely they know further in advance than 3 days that they are going on a nice ole trip on a big ole boat, no? Is it on purpose? Let’s use some creative licence here at the possible emails send between Jared and those pesky lil New Kids. In my brain it goes like this…..

Hi Guys, its Jared. πŸ™‚ So I’m hooking up this cruise thing. I’m thinking June instead of May this year. Whatta ya think? Love Jared

‘Sup Jared. WORD! Love, NKOTB

Hi Guys, its Jared πŸ™‚ So I booked that big ass boat again that everyone hated last year. More capacity = more $$$’s! Am thinking of dragging some dinghys behind the ship this year too. We’ll call them ‘floatable rooms with a sea view’. Anyways, let’s announce it 3 days before they need to book so we can capture the ‘panic buyer crowd’. Love Jared.

‘Sup Jared. WORD! Love, NKOTB

Hi Guys, its Jared πŸ™‚ OK, we’re good to go. I’ve put together a cruise video. Start tweeting the link out! Even you Joe! Jordan, this is going to coincide nicely with the release of Like A Wave so tweeting your song lyrics will get people in a beachy mood. LETS SAIL THIS! woooooooo! Love Jared.

‘Sup Jared. WORD! Love NKOTB

lol. OK maybe not exactly like that…..but that’s what it feels like! haha!

Anyway, enough of all that. The cruise goes on sale tomorrow, so here is my ‘alternative’ guide to the cruise…

Booking the cruise

On a scale of 1 to 10, booking the cruise registers at about a 9 on the stress scale. You basically need to take the entire day off work ad formulate a plan of attack with your besties to make sure that you come out top in the game of ‘who can refresh the fastest’. I advise having the following at hand on booking day.

  • Sit on something comfortable. A couch, a bed, your ass….whatever is soft on your butt cheeks….cause you are gonna be there for a long time!
  • Surround yourself with sugary food and drink. You will need the energy by about hour two of the booking process.
  • Make sure your BB or iPhone is fully charged and you are in constant contact with your ‘team’.
  • If you have more than one computer in your house, use them all, running between the two, refreshing like a mad thing.
  • If you are a smoker, buy a carton.
  • Do not answer the door to anyone! Do not leave your computer. Even if your house is on fire.
  • Animals, children and husbands need to be sent away for the day. They only provide a distraction.
  • Wear army pants. This is war after all.
  • If you feel faint, it will pass. Drink some Red Bull and carry on.

Once your finally navigate your way through the mine field of server crashes, page time outs and infuriating messages telling you you’ve spelt your own name wrong……success….you get right to the end and then…..TIME OUT! I call it the ‘Yippeee yippeeee, NOOOOOOOOOO’ phase. If that happens you have no time to lick your wounds and look for sympathy from your friends on Twitter at your misfortune. Everyone is secretly glad that you’ve failed miserably cause it means more tickets for them. Suck it up and start again. Wash, rinse, repeat this process and if you are lucky you will end up with a cabin the size of a postage stamp, in the bowels of the boat not dissimilar to where they stored all the Irish people on the Titanic.

The minute you have secured yourself a cabin, be sure to get your ass straight back on Twitter and spend the next 7 hours smugly tweeting to anyone that will listen about your good fortune. Even if your finger has gone numb from all the refreshing, make sure you act like it was all very easy. This will infuriate and annoy the people still trying to get a room and will increase the possibility of them giving up. Also, for extra annoyability credit, be sure to blow up your favourite New Kids timeline by tweeting to them over and over again ‘See you on the boat!!! Squeeeeee!!!’. Your million sisters love that shit. lol

So how much do the cabins cost?

A lot. That’s all you need to know. It’s about 3 times the price of a regular cruise….but you do get a very snazzy goody bag. In fact, I would go just for the NKOTB passport holder and chapstick. πŸ˜‰

Countdown to the cruise

So booking is done. You’re as broke as a herpes riddled hooker. You’ve waited 10 whole months and finally its the week before the cruise!!! NK have just announced all of the theme nights…..yes a whole 7 days to plan outfits for 4 separate theme nights. If you live in the UK, where the shops shut at 5pm everyday that means you literally have 1 day to do ALL of your shopping. Your stress levels start to soar again as you traipse around TopShop looking for a something that you can pass off as a toga, finally resorting to bed sheets as your rock slowly back and forth crying. Not to mention the manicure, pedicure, tanning, tooth whitening, weave ordering, fucking nail polish fucking colour selection, accessories, hats, glasses….the list is endless. By the time you actually get on the boat you feel physically and emotionally exhausted! And all of this to achieve the highly sort after ‘naturally, sexy’ look. I don’t think men realise how much makeup and effort is required to make it look like we are wearing no makeup. urgh!

Arriving at the Port

Arrival at the Port is traumatic to say the least. As the taxi starts to pull up and you see that long ass line full of people who look like they’ve had a fight with the New Kids Merch stand and lost, it will begin to dawn on you that you are going to be on a boat with a bunch of scary people who like to pee in their pants and change their tampons in the middle of the Lido deck. Uncontrollable sweating and urge to turn back is not uncommon. Then of course there is the whole getting out of the taxi in front of a line of staring women, all looking you up and down. I usually put my glasses on at this point and scuttle with my suitcase behind the nearest grassy knoll. To be fair the line moves fairly quick. If you haven’t passed out from heat exhaustion by the time you get inside you are doing well.

Checking in

Checking in can be super exciting or soul-destroying. Its at this point where you find out where your room is and more importantly, what colour wristband you’ve been assigned. The wristband basically rules your life for the next 4 days. It’s welded to your arm by an angry-looking Rose Tours rep and by God you cannot get that thing off. That wristband laughs in the face of a pair of scissors! The colour of your wristband tells you where you will be seated for all shows. If you happen to pull an awesome seat right near the front, be sure to make this known to everyone waiting in line by squealing loudly, high-fiving your besties and hyperventilating like a Miss Iowa. This tells everyone else, that YOU are Queen of the seating chart!

So, you are on the boat now what?

Obviously the first thing you need to do when get aboard is go and try to find the NK’s rooms. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Just go up and down in the elevator a few times and someone will be talking loudly about how their room is like “OMG right next Jon’s on the 6th floor!”. Proceed immediately and with haste to aforementioned floor and just spend the next two hours, hanging out in the corridor attempting to flirt with the only guy that stands between you and a romantic meeting with Joe……Earl. If you do happen to bump into a new kid at any point be sure to let as many people as possible know. Even if they are not interested, tell them anyway. Sisters love to hear about other sisters good fortune. lol. Be sure to start every conversation with ‘So, have you had any encounters yet?”. That’s pretty much the first thing anyone said to me when I met them. My pessimistic brain took this to mean that they had so I would just say no quickly so they could get on with telling me all the details of how Danny brushed past them at the buffet. Smile, laugh, be enthusiastic through gritted teeth and if they patronisingly say to you at the end ‘oh well, I’m sure you’ll have some luck soon’ before breezing off in a cloud of smugness, avoid the urge to slit their throat with your Sign and Sail card.

The events

The events are great when they are organised. When they are not, they are a living hell. Point in case, last years backrub! Did that shit go down!!!! woah! Back the fuck off bitches!! Never in my life have I seen so much insanity trying to get into a show where you watch a 40 something guy lick his lips and do suggestive things with fruit. I didn’t go to the backrub but from what I saw and heard of it, I’m glad I didn’t. Rose Tours were about as useful as a chocolate teapot when it came to gaining control. I think they vastly underestimated the power of stupid people in large groups. Pushing, shoving, shouting, punching, weave pulling, crying and to top it all off…..some enterprising biyatches were selling the FREE Backrub bracelets they got from Donnie to other fans. hahaha! Of course, the moral police immediately condemned these ‘evil’ girls as taking advantage of their sisters. I saw it slightly differently. If you are dumb enough to pay someone 200 dollars for their bracelet then that’s up to you. If you are not a Donnie girl and he gave you a bracelet anyway, you need to recoup your losses somehow. lol

Jordan’s Stretchify was a more relaxed affair but essentially we are all going to the Lido deck to watch a guy wriggle his butt around a bit whilst listening to his latest album! πŸ™‚ Whilst there was no kung fu fighting in JK’s Yoga den, there was the hideous sight of a chick having her period whilst stretching out in her bikini and NOT wanting to lose her spot so badly that she just let it all go in front of everyone!!! For real, WTF? She didn’t even bother to quickly fashion her towel into a fetching sarong to cover it up. That incident combined with the girls who relieved themselves on the Lido Deck is enough of an indication to me that some people have lost their god damn minds. Even if Jordan was laying in front of me stark, bollock naked, with a semi, singing IBLYF whilst inviting me to ‘Jump on’ there is no god damn way I would be going anywhere other than the nearest bathroom. I hope NK seriously consider putting Depends and tampons in the goody bags this year.


People constantly want to know what the deal is with VIP on the cruise and how you get up there. It’s quite simple. You got regular VIP and elite VIP. You need a VIP bracelet to get into regular VIP. These can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  • Just be really hot
  • Being hot and brunette increases your chances 3 fold.
  • Being hot, latina and slightly chunky in the ass area increases your chances 10 fold with 3/5 of the New Kids.
  • If you are blonde, be really blonde and hang round Joe like a lost Golden Retriever.
  • If you are not hot, hang out with hot people.
  • Suck up to the people who were up there last year
  • Raise a million dollars for Komen and make sure Danny knows about it
  • Be really rich. This means that fans that have ‘ins’ will wanna hang out with you.
  • Win some beach games. Offer to hold the limbo pole. Provide emergency medical assistance to an NK member suffering from heat stroke.
  • Do so many Ultimates and 5 stars that even the NK’s forget that you are not actually in the band.
  • Suck up to Johnny and get your name on his swanky iPad list.
  • Find Donnie and tell him that your dog died. He’ll give you a sympathy pass.

Elite VIP

  • Invite by the band only
  • Generally reserved for people they know aren’t gonna act all crazy, take a gazillion photos and generally be a big ole hot mess when in close proximity to a New Kid.

Things that won’t get you into VIP

  • Blowing a member of the NK entourage. This may get you into regular VIP but not Elite.
  • Blowing a member of Rose Tours security.
  • Flashing your breasts (debatable)
  • Grinding against a pole.
  • Kidnapping lumpy.

At the end of the day, this is a tongue in cheek look at the cruise. Essentially, we all love it and if it wasn’t for crazy people doing crazy things, we would have nothing to talk about it! So my friends, good luck tomorrow. I hope you get the cabin you are after. If you could all hold off booking until I’ve got mine, that would be awesome. πŸ˜‰ See ya on the boat.



100 thoughts on “The ‘alternative’ guide to the NKOTB Cruise 2012

  1. That is the best blog ever. All of it so true and on point. I laughed all the way thru reading it. Thanks for saying what I was thinking.

  2. This is the best!! I couldn’t stop laughing!!! I’ve never been on a New Kids cruise but I’m so looking forward to seeing all of this!!


  3. Ok, seriously this was the best thing I’ve ever read! haha! I have never been on the boat because the economy is in a shit hole and I cant afford to go…. every year. So that being said I will do what I do every year! Sit back with a few boxes of kleenex a tub.. or 2 of frosting, a cold drink… (yes that kind) and I will stay away from twitter! Twitter is the devils asshole around cruise time! Hope you all have fun going on the boat! Maybe 2013 will be my year πŸ™‚

  4. Great blog πŸ™‚ super funny (the line about slitting a throat with sign n said card, I thought about it lol) must read for sure!!

  5. Great blog!!! For many of these reasons (FYI ~ ALL TRUE!) I’m not going on another NK’s cruise for the forseeable future LOL. I had many good times on the 2011 cruise, however, I’m not DYING to go again right away.

    I hope they make MANY improvements for those that are attending in 2012…Rose Tours has a lonnnnnng way to go, my friend, LOL!

    Thanks for the laughs! πŸ˜€

  6. I can’t tell if I’m laughing so hard because it’s just plain funny, or because 90% of this shit is true!! Hahaha! Great job!!! You made my night! πŸ™‚

  7. LMAO! I cruised in ’10 & ‘!!I really wish I was going this yr but sadly I can’t..Anyway, last yr, my roomie & I had PINK wristbands & somehow managed to pull FRONT row for all the events! We TOTALLY told anyone who would listen where our seats/cabin were! πŸ™‚

  8. Love this!! πŸ™‚

    Glad I missed all the disgusting deck shenanigans you mentioned. What is wrong with people?

    I’m nervous for Thursday… this will be the 3rd time for me. I hope to get back on the boat again. πŸ™‚ It only took 20 mins last year to book, (3 hours for 2010) but if it takes longer, I might suddenly “fall ill” and call in sick to work. πŸ™‚

  9. Wow.. haha.. I know alot of this has crossed my mind.. I am glad someone took the time to write it down! Awesome blog! πŸ™‚

  10. By the time I got to the end of “The events” I had to take a break and walk away from the computer because I was laughing so hard I was wheezing and tears were streaming down my face. Thank you so much for this! I hope you get the cabin of your dreams and have a fantastic time.

  11. This blog is soooo on point. From the zero notice to book your cruise to the line at the terminal. You have sized up the entire experience to a tee. Thank you so much for the laugh and a great piece to describe my experience for the last 2 yrs.

  12. OMG!!! IΒ΄m laughing my a** off over here!! I LOVE it! And yes… 90% of this is true!!! Thanks for making my night!!!!

    See you all on the boat!!! πŸ˜‰

  13. This was so funny! I cant go on the cruise this year but you totally made me want to go just to see if its really that crazy.

  14. LOVE THIS!!! The part about the Backrub made me laugh uncontrollably, as I forgot about the wristbands! Good take on it – thanks! πŸ™‚

  15. This was the most awesome thing I’ve read in my entire life, lol. I couldn’t stop laughing and wheezing! I hope you get the cabin next to Jon’s and Earl loves you so much he gets you into Elite and into Joe’s room, lol.

    Again, most awesome! Love it!

  16. Absolute greatness! Somewhat fucking disturbing but hilarious nonetheless. Please get on that boat and find a way to blog to all of us left ashore!!

  17. This was great and completely made me feel better about not being able to go. Stupid work schedule!!! Thank you oh so much.

  18. Holy Crap I peed a little as I read this! I’ve never cruised but these shenanigans are going to be too good pass up. I must watch all these crazy bitches. Lol

  19. That was awesome. I laughed and nodded my head in agreement. Its all so true. I agree that Rose Tours does have a long way to go and have even offered my assistance to them in planning this next cruise. Sadly they didn’t take me up on it. Maybe they should from a past cruisers perspective. I too will have my army pants on and my friends sitting on their computers just to secure a spot. Happy cabin booking to all. Hope to see you there.

  20. Yeah…I damn near pissed my pants laughing at this!!! Virgin cruiser here, so the anxiety level is more like a 15, and the laughter may have been more than a bit hysterical! Love it!

  21. LOVED it!!! I think I woke the people downstairs with all my laughing. No, wait, they didn’t hear it because they’ve got their bass bumping like Snooki’s hair. HILARIOUS! (and sadly, oh so true.) So glad I missed Period Peggy during JK’s yoga…..that would have turned my stomach.

  22. Oh my gosh…never been on a NKOTB cruise…..and won’t be able to afford it this time either but I truly enjoyed your blog….I just laughed my butt off and I have tears now….lmfao

  23. Thanks for this! It’s so funny but so true! I’m definitely not VIP material & only got in one night because my roomie won a beach game (and I’m very very grateful to her!!!). Your observations are pretty spot on about those who got up there. After awhile we said peace out! And head back to the deck to have fun with our friends!

  24. Really enjoyed this. Sum of da actions of these ladies u described is unbelievable. I’ve never cruised and I won’t next yr either b/c its so expensive but I’d sure like 2 have dat experience. Good Luck 2 u and all who plan 2.:-) Happy Sexy Sailing in 2012.

  25. Best blog entry I’ve read in a long time! Thanks for the laughs! I hope you will blog about your cruise experience when you return!

  26. Even though I missed the cruise last year I did go the year before & your blog described those few days PERFECTLY! I could not contain my laughter…so freaken brilliant! Thanks for putting the time & effort into making a sometimes stressful situation hilariously calming. Great work! πŸ™‚

  27. Hahaha that was the best blog read ever!!! Omg!!! U have made me feel 10 times better about not being able robe on that ship. But for surely I think u would be a great person to get to know. No I’m not a lesbian not there is anything wrong with that, but to get a great laugh like that is priceless. Do u blog often??? If so where??? I’d love to follow your blog. Be well and I so hope u get on that ship!!! Party like there is no tomorrow. And naturally say hello to Donnie!!! Lol. Love u and yourbog

  28. Now this is some funny sh*t! I’ve never cruised before but you painted a fantastic picture! Loved it and couldn’t stop laughing! I needed a good laugh…. Thanks for posting this!

  29. This is hysterical, and I have never been on a cruise!

    I haven’t been on a cruise of any kind because I just don’t like big boats, or being in big crowds (apart from NKOTB concerts of course!) so reading this blog is a great way of experiencing the cruise without actually being there. I can put all the photos I have seen to the majority of experiences you have mentioned, and can imagine how awesome yet scary the whole long weekend can be.

    I am already in my army pants, and will probably have a virtual panic attack for all my sisters trying to book tomorrow. Good luck to you all! xx

  30. Hilarious!!! Thanks a million for the laugh and see you on the boat…if all goes well for us tomorrow!! πŸ˜‰

  31. WTF? Females pissing their pants and letting their period flow down their legs just to not lose a spot to see Jordan?? These are grown women we are talking about, right?? Wow… I was considering the cruise but the more I hear about it the more I think I’ll just stay away. Thanks for the warning!!!!

  32. All true, great blog. Not going this time but I’ll be sure to log in & put as many rooms in my cart as i can to fuck with people repeatedly through out the day. πŸ˜‰ Good luck you crazies.

  33. This is not only so true but also friggin hilarious. OMG I missed hearing about period girl, only heard about the girl (apparantly there are more than one) who peed herself TWICE on Lido and even in line waiting for M&G WTF no problem leaving the line at M&G. Imagine walking in there to them and smelling like pee! NASTY.
    Thanks for a good laugh!

  34. you forgot once you’ve booked & spammed everyone with the mandatory “I’m on a boat” tweet . In the next 9 months you must tweet about nothing other than how much you’re working out & how much/ you’re eating. Everybody needs to know you’ve worked out for 5 hours & are living off of nothing but water, coffee, gum , shredded cabbage, & laxatives. We need the visual of you pooping out liquid cabbage swamp ass for 9 months to fully appreciate just how lovely you look in your dress. **& as a warning not to stand anywhere near you as you swill vodka redbulls as your ass may explode at any moment.

  35. Funny blog. I enjoyed reading this but I definitely shudders at the thought of slipping & falling into puddle of urine!
    Anyway…I wanted to go this year but aargh, I can’t come up with 300 for tomorrow. I was just wondering if there were any deaf cruiser in the past and if there were, was there any sign language interpreter on the boat?

    Thanks in advance and to everyone who is going… Have fun and please don’t pee/ change your friggin tampon/pad!!!!

  36. OMGOOODDDD you cracked me up fortunately i was on my chair πŸ™‚
    when i already see so much of blah blah shit on internet then i can imagine all these hilarious things in front of a computer or on a boat !!
    So funny but at least true even if i’m not a cruiser πŸ™‚
    good blog , i love them , thank you for the laughs !!
    Have a great time during this next cruise …………………..

  37. Girl, you just single handedly saved me $3000 bucks!!!! A big, huge thankyou from my hubby!!!!! You couldn’t pay me to get on that boat with that kind of craziness! Have a blast and bon voyage my friend!

  38. wow! Thanks for all these amazing comments! I really wasn’t expecting quite this response! I’m glad everyone has taken it in the vein it was intended……a funny look at craziness and fun that is the cruise!

    Karina – Yes I do blog occasionally. All my blogs are posted here and I always tweet a link to them on Twitter when there is a new one so if you follow me, you should see it πŸ™‚

    As for a post-cruise blog? Sure, why not! I did one last year. That is also posted here if you want to read. I would love to ‘live blog’ from the boat but unfortunately its mucho $$$’s.

    Anyway, good luck for tomorrow everyone! xo

  39. This was so hilarious, I was trying to hide behind my monitor at work so my boss couldn’t see how I was crying and laughing hysterically..great blog

  40. I think you need to be my new BFF.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life. The picture you painted of the cruise was quite vivid, and I can totally see how that’s how it goes down, and I’ve never been on the cruise.

    Alas the cruise is not happening for me in ’12, but if they are still doing these in ’13 – I’ll get to witness this crazy shit for myself and I can’t wait.

  41. This is hilarious! You have such a flair for writing humor! Although its tongue-in-cheek, its so true. I will be skipping the cruise next year in hopes to go to the Europe/UK tour instead. I cannot wait to see the controversies that arise from that….

  42. u just captured the essence of the nk cruise!!!! loved it!!! we got on -not the room we would like but nevertheless we are on the boat!!! hope u got on too..see u in june!!!

  43. OMG I’m not going on the cruise but saw this on the site as an “insight” to the cruise and since I’m not going I wanted the pure enjoyment in thinking that I was so I took a gander…I haven’t laughed so hard while reading something in my life. This literally made me LOL and kinda thankful that I’m not able to go this year. I have never been on a NKOTB cruise and would LOVE to go but now this makes me question it lol. Mostly cause I’d want any VIP chance and I know with my luck my seats for any of the events would suck and I’d probably never run into any of them anywhere lol. Only cause I have the worst luck in the world!!! LOL. Thanks for a great read!! I’ll need to read your one from the last cruise now!!

  44. I sent my friend a copy of this blog and we have decided that we have to become your friend on this cruise. You are too awesome and you talk/act just like we do, plus we are hot! So it’s VIP all the way!!!

  45. Wow! I felt like I was back on the boat there for a minute! Really! Things got so crazy, that I pulled myself out of the sea of craziness almost every night! I seen stuff that I just couldn’t believe! 2010 cruise was so much fun, I don’t even remember ANY crazies, but 2011 was out of control! I did not have $2000 worth of fun as those girls just frightened me! On top of that, I was quite ill for a little over a week and my bff and cabinmate aquired pink eye the last evening on the boat, which cost her $250 to be seen in the infirmary on the ship. Both from what I still believe came from the straw market on Nassau! Much to the dismay of a few of my friends, I did NOT book the cruise for 2012, but I did sign up for the wait list, in case I feel the need. I agree with the author of this blog about the goodie bags… I look at the stuff and toss it in my suitcase, once home it goes into a box for my some day grandchildren to go thru! 2011 was even cheesier than 2010’s bag. I really hope for all 2012 cruisers sake that there are less broken bones, bruises and cabin arrests and it is filled with just as much fun, if not more, of cruise 2010!

  46. OMG!!! too funny would love to meet the chick that wrote this what a hoot she would be too hang out with on board. She deserves VIP just for this blog!!!

  47. This was an amazing blog, and really put a smile on my face. thanks for the laugh and at the same time the TRUTH to NK Cruise…

  48. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I LOVE IT! I was right next to the chick with her period. I think she was the limbo winner for the previous years. Really nice….but when I said she can change her whatever, that nobody would take her spot cuz I’d save it and her mat was there (yes, we were right in the front…behind his laptop)…she hesitated and said “no, it’s okay.” Two minutes later..Jordan came out.

  49. This the Best Blog Ever!!!Loved it!!!I laughed all the way thru reading it.Hope you all have fun going on the boat!

  50. omg I LOVE this!!! It is so true. We went on the 2010 cruise and it was one of THE BEST times I\’ve ever had in my life. Glorious!!!
    The 2011 cruise was so much of a heartbreaker and disappointment. Bigger boat = more drunk crazies, less seeing the guys around the ship and just pure cattiness. We actually witnessed a catfight during the group photo lineup. The whole 2011 experience really left a mark on us and we swore we wouldn\’t go on the 2012 cruise if it was the same ship as 2011. It was. We didn’t go.

  51. This is some really funny shit, I absolutely love it lol. Best description ever…and reminds me why I would never go on such a thing. The crazy ones are too crazy. I am curious though…how do they choose people for events like limbo and the races? I keep seeing this stuff on Youtube and am curious now. Is it just random selection or is it the VIP people or what?

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