The ‘alternative’ guide to the NKOTB Cruise 2012

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NKOTB Concert, RCMH, New York

As the saying goes “you can never have too much of a good thing”. I think this saying rings very true when less than a month after our bank accounts were cleaned out on the NKOTB cruise, we were all back together again for a less aquatic weekend of fun, frolics and high pitched squealing in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of….that’s right bitches……NU YAWK!

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Fantasy vs reality – meeting your celebrity crush

I have been in love with Jordan Knight (pictured….ahhhh!) since I was a fetus. Ok maybe not quite a fetus but certainly from about the age of 10 onwards he’s been my number one celebrity fantasy. I’m sure there are some younger folk reading this blog thinking, “Who the f**k is Jordan Knight??”. Well, he is in the band New Kids On The Block. A five piece boyband from Boston that were bigger than Jesus in the late 80’s and early 90’s selling over 70 million albums of their perfect packaged and parent friendly pop turning them into the pin up boys for a generation of caterwauling teeny boppers.

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Love letter to the internet

I am the first to admit that I have had an, at times unhealthy obsession with the internet for a number of years. I remember getting my first email address back in 1995 and thinking it was the most incredible thing ever! What?? You mean, I can type a letter to someone and they can receive it straight away?? I don’t have to put pen to paper, walk to the postbox in the rain and then wait a week for my letter to be read? Amazing! Since that day I have been actively involved in whatever the new hot thing has been on the world wide web.

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Big bum?

You are what you eat

It has to be said that I have always had a pretty good relationship with food. My parents were reasonably strict with me when I was younger when it came to what went into my chubby little toddler cheeks. Junk food was kept to a minimum and fizzy drinks were not allowed. I never had a sweet tooth anyway so even at kiddies parties I would turn my little button nose up to jelly and ice-cream preferring to munch on the much classier cucumber sandwich. Yes folks, I was the epitome of English upper middle class even at 4 years old.

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Single White Female

It is an inexplicable truth that as a single girl living and attempting to date in London there are a certain amount of situations that are inevitable. You will eventually sleep with someone from every EU member country. You will go on a date with at least two investment bankers called Nigel. You will have Rohypnol slipped into your drink if you go to “Tiger Tiger” in Piccadilly and you will end up climbing out of a bathroom window in All Bar One to escape a particularly bad date……ok maybe thats just me.

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